Upcoming Events

We have some great new classes on the schedule this month!  We now have a Happy Hour TRX-Row class at 5pm on Fridays, led by Laura Beuttenmuller, as well as a Boxing Circuit Class on Sundays at noon led by Dennis Maginn.

Check out the Class Schedule by clicking the Schedule tab, and sign up via the Contact tab.

Hope to see you in the gym soon!

Change is a Good Thing

I think we all recognize that change is a good thing.  Yet so many people resist change when it comes to their training and nutrition.  Unfortunately, it often takes an injury or health scare for people to get motivated to change.

Well, I say get ahead of the game and be proactive.  If you are not seeing the results you desire from your training and nutrition plan, guess what?  You need to make some changes.

Don’t get me wrong — I love having a routine.  I’m not saying you have to ditch your entire approach and start from scratch.  Instead, pick one thing to focus on at a time.

Even if you think you are the healthiest/fittest/strongest person in the world, if you are not reaching your goals, you need to mix things up.  Here are my top 5 things to look at when it comes to kick starting your progress:

  • Vary Training Intensity:  If you are strength training, you need to increase your weights to get stronger.  So, if you can complete all of your reps and all of your sets of a particular exercise with good form, its time to increase your weight.  If you are doing interval training, go harder.  Go faster.  Reduce your recovery time.  You get the picture, right?
  • Vary Training Volume:  This can mean increasing the number of days you train or increasing the volume of your training within a particular workout.  Either way, you should consider increasing your training volume if you have reached a plateau.
  • Clean Up Your Nutrition:  I don’t expect anyone to eat perfectly 100% of the time.  But, I am pretty sure there is something each of you could tweak in your diet to make it cleaner and healthier.  Cut out dairy.  Eliminate sugar.  Stop drinking alcohol.  Avoid grains.  These are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to stubborn pounds, fat, and/or digestive issues.
  • Go To Bed:  Most people do not get enough sleep.  And even those who get 7-8 hours are often going to bed too late to get the full hormonal cycle of rest and recovery.  Your goal should be to get in bed by 10pm.  That means no TV, iPhones, iPads, etc.  These devices are excitatory and negatively impact your sleep.
  • Hydrate:  I know I sound like a broken record with this recommendation, but drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day is a must!  Try going for a week drinking nothing but water (this means no coffee, booze, fruit juice, etc.).  This simple change alone can get you results.

There are plenty of other ways to get to your health and fitness goals.  But these are the big ones.  Tackle one at a time and challenge yourself to set new goals.  You can do it.  You just have to be willing to make some changes.

Good luck, and let me know how you are doing with your goals.

Top 10 Tips for Losing Body Fat

Those of you who work with me know that I am a big fan of training to lose body fat.  Body composition can be a far better indicator of progress than pounds lost on the scale.  I find myself saying this a lot, but only because it is true.  And because I think people get emotionally attached to the scale.

How do we focus on body fat?  First, most of you know that I do BioSignature testing to determine your overall body fat, as well as to identify the specific sites that are causing you problems and wreaking havoc on your hormones.  Beyond doing the testing and getting on the proper nutrition/supplement protocol, there are some basic nutrition and lifestyle tips that everyone can benefit from when striving for optimal body composition and health.

Here it goes:

  1. Stop eating sugar and processed foods.  Sugar and processed foods are the biggest problems in most peoples’ diets.  Stick to whole foods and foods with fewer than 5 ingredients.  Avoid grains if at all possible (especially those containing gluten).
  2. Do not eat sugar right before you train.  Avoid carbs within 60 minutes of training — they will prevent you from burning fat.  Choose easily digestible protein instead.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  You can’t get lean if you are dehydrated.  Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  4. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast.  This will mess with your metabolism and cause your body to go into fight-or-flight mode.  Skipping meals can also cause blood sugar regulation issues, leading to high body fat at insulin sites.
  5. Eat healthy fats.  Healthy fats keep you full, so you will not crave carbs as much.  Plus you need fat and protein to get lean.  My favorite fats are coconut oil and avocado.
  6. Sleep.  People underestimate the importance of sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  This is when your brain and your body repair and grow.  You can’t get leaner or stronger if your muscles can’t recover.
  7. Choose veggies over fruits.  Fruit isn’t “bad” for you, but it does contain fructose — which is a form of sugar.  Most vegetables have lower carb content than fruit.
  8. Avoid alcohol.  There are so many reasons to avoid it, but alcohol converts to sugar in your bloodstream faster than any known substance.  It also causes the dreaded lower abdominal fat.
  9. Train harder, not longer.   Increase your training intensity, not the volume of your training.  Choose high intensity intervals over long duration, steady state cardio.  And incorporate strength training into your program.
  10. Consume high quality protein.   Healthy proteins and fats should be the staple of your diet.  Grass-fed beef, wild caught seafood, hormone free poultry, cage-free eggs, etc.  If you eat commercial beef, go for leaner cuts (because animals store toxins in their fat).  If you eat organic, grass-fed beef, go for the fattier cuts.

These are just some of my basic tips that all people can hopefully incorporate.  If you are interested in a more customized plan, please contact me to schedule a consultation.

Live clean and healthy!

Why You’re Not Getting Results

Every day, I see people working hard to reach their health and fitness goals.  Some are more successful than others.  And those who are not successful become more and more stressed out, which only makes the whole process more difficult.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, do more pullups, or eliminate processed foods from your life, here are my top tips for getting where you want to be: Continue reading

Back to School

Its that time of year again.  Students are heading back to class, the weather is becoming nicer, and football season has kicked off.  Just because swimsuit season is over for most of us, it doesn’t mean that you should slack on your health and fitness goals.  If anything, now is a great time to revisit your goals, tweak your routine, and start getting results. Continue reading

Recover the Right “Whey”

Many people ask me about the best recovery drink to chug down post-workout.  Despite the cool ads with famous athletes endorsing it, I am not a fan of chocolate milk — as a recovery drink, or at all for that matter!

Chocolate milk is sugar water.  Plain and simple.  It contains more sugar than protein, and protein is what you and your muscles really need immediately after a workout.  Whether you are drinking fat free, reduced fat, or whole chocolate milk, an 8-ounce serving has anywhere from 23 grams to 28 grams of sugar and only 8 grams of protein.  Those are not good nutritional stats. Continue reading

Lose Fat without Cardio

Lately, I find myself talking a lot with my clients about cardio.  I have previously written several posts about cardio training.  So, by now, most of you know my preference for high intensity interval training over steady state cardio.

However, many people still think they need to a lot of cardio to lose fat.  And by a lot, I mean not just several times a week, but super long duration.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time or patience to spend 60+ minutes on a piece of cardio equipment! Continue reading