Upcoming Events


Its almost time for our first holiday class of the summer!  Make sure to sign up soon for Memorial Day Holiday Class — we are CLOSED the rest of the day.

What:  A fast paced, butt-kicking circuit training class to kick off your holiday

When:  Monday, May 25th from 8:00am-8:30am

Register:  This is a reservation-only class, so make sure to sign up soon.  Just email jalbus@gmail.com or sign up at the gym.

Price: $16 for drop ins, regular class price for members

Don’t Let Restaurant Food Ruin Your Diet


It is definitely more challenging to eat clean when you dine outside of your own kitchen.  But its not impossible.  There are always optimal choices and suboptimal choices.  Check out my tips for staying healthy even when you are faced with unhealthy choices. Continue reading

Add Bacon Fat for Flavor


By now, I hope you are all incorporating healthy fats into your meals and snacks.  For optimal health and body composition, every meal and snack should incorporate healthy fat, protein and a non-starchy carb (like green veggies).  But sometimes people get into a rut with their meals and get bored eating the same types of foods.  If you’re looking for some amazing flavor, try adding bacon fat to your healthy meal preparation. Continue reading