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Our 4th Annual Fat Loss Challenge will be kicking off on February 13th with a nutrition seminar at 10:15am.  You will learn awesome info on how to optimize your health and how to eat and train to lose body fat.  We will be testing your body fat using the Poliquin BioSignature methodology, and this is how we track progress and determine our challenge winners.

This challenge is not a quick fix — it is designed to get you healthier and leaner and keep you that way.  That is part of the reason why we don’t kick it off in January.  This is not another New Year’s Resolution.  Instead, it is intended to motivate you and challenge you to make changes you can keep up all year long.

The challenge is 60 days long.  We do this for several reasons.  First, 30 days simply isn’t long enough to see significant changes in body fat for most people.  Second, 60 days gives you a chance to make some big lifestyle and nutrition changes.  Finally, 60 days gives you some flexibility in the challenge in case you need to travel for work or go on vacation or just need a cheat meal.

The price for participating in the challenge is $55 (tax included).  This includes both your initial and final BioSig body fat testing, weekly emails and recipes, and the kick off seminar.

We will have a sign up sheet at the gym, or you can sign up by emailing Jacque at jalbus@gmail.com.  Body fat testing will be done on Saturday, Feb. 13th immediately after the seminar.  The sign up will be first come, first served.  We may add make up dates at a later time as well.

Get pumped to get lean and healthy!

Magnesium For Performance & Stress Reduction

IMG_4283Did you know that 75% of Americans suffer from a magnesium deficiency?  Odds are that you are one of them.  Here’s why you need it in order to perform optimally and reduce stress and body fat. Continue reading