Upcoming Events


Mark your calendars — we are adding another noon rowing class to the schedule for the summer!

WHEN:  Thursdays at 12pm

WHAT: Row Circuit Class

STARTING: May 28th

Check out the Schedules page for more info on the Row Circuit class.  Its an awesome combo of rowing and strength intervals, and guaranteed to make your lunch hour the best part of your day!  Space is limited in rowing classes, and you must make a reservation in advance.  To sign up, contact Jacque at jalbus@gmail.com.

Add Bacon Fat for Flavor


By now, I hope you are all incorporating healthy fats into your meals and snacks.  For optimal health and body composition, every meal and snack should incorporate healthy fat, protein and a non-starchy carb (like green veggies).  But sometimes people get into a rut with their meals and get bored eating the same types of foods.  If you’re looking for some amazing flavor, try adding bacon fat to your healthy meal preparation. Continue reading

Satisfy Your Carb Craving with Sweet Potato “Fries”


If you’re trying to lose body fat, staying away from carbs is a great thing.  And depending on how you store your body fat, and how sensitive you are to carbs, you might be able to get away with eating some healthy ones in limited quantities.  Depending on what phase of training I am in, and what my goals are, I might have one or two days a week where I will eat some healthy carbs.  My favorite?  Sweet potatoes!  The have fiber, vitamin A and lots of other minerals and nutrients. Continue reading