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2015 Partner Palooza Logo_color

Its time for our 3rd annual Partner Palooza event.  This partner competition is one of our favorite events, and you don’t want to miss it!

What it is: Grab a partner and get ready to compete against other teams for the ultimate annual bragging rights.  Teams can be same sex or co-ed.  We do several workouts for time, and the team with the fastest overall time wins.

When it is:  Saturday, August 27th.  Team briefings will start at 8:30am.  The event lasts a couple hours, then hang out and celebrate your achievements with some Paleo treats and cocktails.

Registration:  To register and for info on pricing and this year’s cool Lululemon gear, email jacque@toneprofitness.com.

The Calorie Myth


Summer time is the best time to do some extra reading.  So, from time to time we’ll keep you updated on some great health, training and nutrition books we’re loving.

The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor is an awesome book for lots of reasons.  First, if you’re struggling to understand why the old “calories in, calories out” theory to weight loss does not work long term, this is a great book to answer your questions with easy-to-follow science and the results of numerous studies.

Second, it reinforces what we advocate with our TONE clients for fat loss and long term health:  eat lots of non-starchy veggies, quality proteins and healthy fats to reach your goals.  If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it!

Finally, it explains how the body works — how we clog our hormones with stress and unhealthy food, how we store and burn fat, and how we can heal our bodies by eating healthy foods just like our ancestors did for 99% of time.

Here are some of the key points to remember about fat loss:

  • You Need to Eat:  When you starve yourself, you can lose weight in the short term.  However, in the long term, this causes all sorts of hormonal clogs, slows down your metabolism, and increases your set point.  What does this mean?  Quite simply, that your natural set point for your body weight will keep getting higher.
  • Don’t Avoid Fat:  Starches and sweets are what make you fat, healthy fat does not make you fat.
  • Always Avoid Sugar:  Artificial sweeteners and added sugars are super addictive and should be avoided at all costs.  They are bad for you health and bad for your waist line.
  • Simple, Healthy Nutrition: If you want to be healthy and keep off fat long term, drink lots of water, and eat so many non-starchy veggies, high quality proteins and healthy fats that you don’t have room for the unhealthy, processed stuff.
  • Eat Whole Foods:  If you need to do anything more to your food than cut it or cook it, you probably shouldn’t eat it.  Your body won’t know how to properly digest it or use it.

It is important to note that these principles are not just important for fat loss, but for optimal health as well.  Remember that if you get healthy, you will lose unwanted body fat.  So, make being healthy for life your goal and you will love how you look.

A big thanks to Zoe Knight of Muscle Nerds for the book recommendation.  Eat healthy everyone!

Eat Your Veggies

You’ve heard it before — eat more veggies to get lean and healthy.  But yet so many people do not come anywhere close to consuming the necessary amount of vegetables on a daily basis.  Today we will go over the benefits of eating your vegetables, and provide some ideas for getting enough of them in your diet. Continue reading

Monday Motivation


For so many people, Monday is the day to start over.  Its when you promise you’ll finally stick to your nutrition plan, or when you re-commit to getting up early and getting to the gym.  Its great to be motivated on Monday.  But its not great to go through the constant roller coaster of bad habits and promising a fresh start every week. Continue reading