Top 10 Secrets to Success

Mondays are always a good day to start fresh and refocus on your goals. This Monday, I am thinking about the most important principles for success in your health and fitness journey — whether you are an athlete training to excel in your sport, an injured client striving to eliminate pain, or someone who trains to look and feel amazing.

So, here are my ideas for the Top 10 Secrets to Success for training, nutrition, and life:

  1. Make every day count.  Make every training session count.  Make every decision count.
  2. Always train at a world class level if you want to have world class results.
  3. Respect the process, and you will reach your goals.
  4. Bring a positive attitude to every session and every obstacle — thinking negatively about yourself or your abilities will only hold you back.
  5. Eat clean, hydrate, train smart, and recover.
  6. Do something good for yourself every day.
  7. Never let your mind hold your body back — focus on how strong you are, how much you have progressed, or simply how great you feel when you train.
  8. The gym is the place for you to focus on you.  Don’t let outside distractions, deadlines, or stressors interfere with your training because your training is for YOU!
  9. Every training session or workout must have a purpose.  Be clear on your purpose and you will reap the benefits of your time in the gym, on the track, or on the field.
  10. Write down your goals focus on them, and do something every day to get closer to each one.

Hopefully at least one of these principles motivates you to be your best. Now get out there and start working towards your goals!  You have the ability to make any change you want, you just have to get started and stay committed.

If you want to discuss more specific ways to achieve your personal goals, send an email to to schedule a consultation.

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