5th Annual Fat Loss Challenge


Its almost time for our most popular event of the year!  Our 5th Annual Fat Loss Challenge kicks off on Saturday, February 18th.

Why We Do It:  This challenge is all about creating healthy habits, a healthy lifestyle, and losing body fat along the way.  We will teach you how to eat, hydrate, sleep and train in order to lose body fat the healthy way and keep it off.

How it Works:  We kick off the challenge with a nutrition seminar.  We give you all the info you need about healthy eating and our guidelines for the challenge.   We then test your body fat using the BioSignature testing methodology.  We retest your body fat in 60 days.  The female and male with the highest percentage of body fat lost are announced our winners for the year!

How to Participate:

STEP ONE:  First, you need to register for the challenge.  Just click on the link below, and you’ll be officially registered.  The price for the challenge is $65, which includes your body fat testing on the specified dates and all the challenge materials.

Sign Up for the Fat Loss Challenge

STEP TWO:  To complete your registration, email support@toneprofitness.com and tell us whether you want to do your body fat testing on Saturday, Feb. 18th after the seminar OR on Wednesday, Feb. 15th starting at 5:30pm.  All testing is first come, first served.  So, the sooner you sign up, the closer to the start time your testing will be.  Once registration is final we will email the list to everyone so you will know what time slot will be reserved for your testing.

We are so pumped to see the amazing progress you all will make this year.  There will be training and other challenges going on for participants, so make sure to sign up and come to the kickoff meeting on Feb. 18th.

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